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Court-Approved Mediators

Mediation is a collaborative meeting in which the disputing parties seek to resolve their differences through the use of a skilled, neutral third party, the mediator. As a dispute resolution process, mediation has the advantages of being informal, confidential, and collaborative. It proceeds more quickly than litigation, and often results in less expenditures of time and money. The final agreement is not imposed upon the disputants; instead the disputants design it according to their own interests. Finally, it is not an adversarial process, so the parties have the potential to preserve their relationship once the process has concluded. A listing of court-approved mediators can be found on the Utah Courts website.

Collaborative Attorneys
Collaborative attorneys can be found through CFLU (Collaborative Family Lawyers of Utah).

Divorce Orientation & Education Courses for Parents

Parents with minor children are required to complete certain education requirements. More information about these classes, including times and locations, is available on the web. Information about these classes can be found on the Utah Courts website.

Utah Legal Services
People who have a low income and who have experienced physical abuse from their spouse can qualify for a free attorney through Utah Legal Services.

Online Court Assistance Program (OCAP)
Legal forms for people who want to do their own paperwork. Low-income individuals also can file paperwork in order to waive the filing fees associated with divorce. These can be printed off of the Online Court Assistance Program [OCAP].